So you want to help us deliver a message to Gap? That’s great!

It’s as easy as three simple steps :

  1. Download our flier calling on Gap to join the Fire Safety Agreement and pay a bit more to make sure its workers don’t die in deadly fires. If you want to hand out fliers to other customers, print out more!
    download flier
    If that button doesn’t work, you can download the flier from Scribd here.
  2. Head to your local Gap (here’s a store locator), Old Navy (locations here), or Banana Republic (store locator here) and ask to speak to the manager.
  3. Give the manager our flier, tell them why you want Gap to join the Fire Safety Agreement, and ask the manager to pass your concerns along to their boss.

Since 2005, nearly 2,000 Bangladeshi garment workers have died in preventable factory disasters. Global apparel brands can end this carnage by signing the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement, which commits them to investing in basic safety measures like fire escapes and safe electrical wiring. Since the devastating Rana Plaza building collapse, major apparel brands like H&M, Zara, and Benetton have agreed to join, but Gap is still dragging its feet.

Gap says it will sign the agreement, as long as it isn’t binding. That’s ridiculous — even the rest of the garment industry acknowledges that corporate-controlled codes of conduct have failed and that legally-binding safety standards are necesssary to ensure that the clothes we buy aren’t made in death traps. Essentially Gap is saying "we’ll sign, as long as no one can hold us accountable when we don’t follow through."

Today is the deadline that global labor groups have set for brands to sign the agreement, and we need to let Gap know that consumers won’t tolerate any delays as most of its major competitors do right by Bangladeshi workers. Hundreds of members around the world have delivered letters to Gap store managers demanding that the chain sign the agreement and now it’s more important than ever to ratchet up the pressure!

(via Tell Gap to join the fire safety program | SumOfUs)
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