The nation is still coming to grips with the horrors surrounding the Newtown, Connecticut massacre, but already Mike Huckabee has used the killings to promote his hateful agenda in a stomach-churning speech blaming gay people for raising families and scientists for promoting evolution.

Going on Fox News on Friday and then again on his television show on Sunday, the former governor repeatedly blamed the forces of “secularism” for the massacre, from kids with iPhones to pharmacies that stock “abortion pills”. Tell Fox News that Mike Huckabee does not deserve a platform for his misguided, insensitive words.

Fox News: Take Mike Huckabee off the air for his grotesque, hateful commentary.

While Huckabee was ranting about the lgbt community and scientists, Fox executives were enforcing a gag order across their network to prevent talking heads from speaking about gun control, claiming it “wasn’t the right time.” For Fox, it was too early to discuss regulating semi-automatic rifles, but perfectly acceptable for Mike Huckabee to discuss responding to the shooting by regulating gay marriage.

Organizations like Fox News thrive off of controversy, but they are also highly sensitive to backlash when one of their talking heads goes too far. Fox relies on advertising dollars from major businesses that don’t want to be associated with such hatred. If we show Fox that Americans are outraged over Mike Huckabee’s statements, we can ensure that such hateful, extreme speech is taken out of the mainstream.

(via Fox News: Take Mike Huckabee off the air for his grotesque, insensitive commentary | SumOfUs)